Nikon D750 Review

With most features adopted from an expensive camera like Nikon 810, this is a compatible DSLR available in less than half price. $1996 will get you such an amazing deal with Nikon D750 having most of the important features of Nikon D810. Some of these features were even improved as compared to the parent camera.

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The highlights of features related to Nikon D750 include a top notch image quality along with subject tracking and astonishing auto focus system. In built Wi-Fi system of Nikon D750 will let you share every single creative image right after you capture it. Solid build quality of Nikon D750 has also impressed a number of photographers because it is perfectly capable of outdoor shooting.

Video shooting of Nikon D750 has left impressions on a number of professional photographers. Manual controls for creativity, headphones, mike socket, headphone socket and 1080/ 60p resolution are impressive enough to convince any person. Full HD videos of Nikon D750 also perform incredibly over HDMI when connected to any HDTV.

Professionals and new photographers feel equal attraction towards this amazing camera. Nikon D750 is a DSLR which sincerely deserves all these credits due to its price and improvements over expensive models. Fast continuous shooting speed makes it perfect for action and sports photography.

Here we have made an effort to gather some important features along with positive and negative points of Nikon D750 in order to provide you with honest opinions.

Specifications of Nikon D750

Technical specifications make an important part of any DSLR therefore it is important to get an in depth information about them. Nikon D750 will automatically ignite your internal creativity with its technical features and fully articulated high resolution LCD display. Metering and autofocus of Nikon D750 is just like that of D4s and D810.

Powerful 51 point auto focus system of Nikon D750 has almost 15 cross type sensors along with a 91000 pixels RGB sensor. You may feel thrust to know all specifications at once now so you can read them below in detail.

  • Optical sensor resolution: 24.3 mega pixels.
  • 1X optical zoom.
  • EXPEED 4 processor.
  • CMOS photosensor technology.
  • Wired and wireless remote control.
  • In built self timer.
  • Maximum horizontal resolution of 6,016.
  • Minimum shutter speed of 30 seconds.
  • Maximum shutter speed of 1/ 4000 of a second.
  • Magnesium alloy and carbon fibber outer body.
  • Weight is 1.65 pounds.
  • 51 auto focus points.
  • Average battery life of 1230 photos.
  • Continuous shooting speed of 6.5 photos per second.
  • Tilting LCD.
  • Nikon F (FX) are compatible mountings.
  • Maximum display resolution is 1229000.
  • Expanded ISO range is 50 to 51200.
  • Produces both RAW and JPEG files.
  • Optional GPS and view finder.
  • Mini HDMI.
  • Comprehensive dust reduction system.

Features of Nikon D750

Nikon D750 is a camera perfectly responsive towards all the mentioned features. You can shoot up to 6.5 frames per second at continuous shooting mode. All these frames will be captured at full resolution. Smooth sequences of time lapse and versatility in shoots of Nikon D750 provide awesome sharpness of images.

Nikon D750 is compatible with a great number of NIKKOR lenses and every single lens from this category will let you explore new worlds of creativity. It is a perfect camera for those who frequently switch between video and still images mode die to its perfection in both fields.

Detailed features with their proper explanations are given below.

Built in Wi-Fi and amazing convenience

Nikon D750 is meant for people who find their inspiration in nearly everything they see around them. You will find it the right camera for you if you need to capture images which are especially meant for full frame cameras. Let your artistry unleashed by Nikon D750 and share it with others in without skipping a single beat.

Ease and convenience of Nikon D750 make it special among all the other available options in market. In built Wi-Fi will let you share photos on social media or save them easily on a smart phone when you extra space.

EXPEED 4 processor with 24 mega pixels FX format sensor

EXPEED 4 is a dream for action photographers therefore Nikon D750 incorporated it with perfection. This processor has successfully enhanced the speed and performance of camera where 24 mega pixels images can be composed and saved in time less than blink or an eye.

Unbelievable HD video capability

Nikon D750 got an inspiration from D810 for video making capabilities. It has amazing technology for recording daily life videos or events. You can record both compressed and un compressed HD videos at 60/ 30/ 25/ 50 and 24p.

Pros and cons of Nikon D750

Nikon D750 is meant for sports and action photographers therefore it has some disadvantages for other people. It is also perfect for video making if quality is motto. There are no limits to creativity offered by Nikon D750 but still you will see a little number of disadvantages. Reading and knowing them is important to be confident of your decision.

Some advantages and disadvantages of Nikon D750 are given below.

Pros of Nikon D750

  • Impressive image quality.
  • Moving subjects are tracked with great ease and perfection.
  • HD Video recording at 60p.
  • Wide dynamic range.

Cons of Nikon D750

  • Raw continuous shooting does not last for long.
  • Slightly overexpose the available view.
  • Focus points are spread narrowly.
  • Smart phone control is a bit limited.

Why should you buy Nikon D750?

Nikon D750 is a camera meant for action photographers and video lovers. No professional or new comer can resist its qualities one they check it thoroughly and analyse the results sincerely. The camera price is also irresistible for new comers who have to learn photography from start.

Sample images and videos of Nikon D750 can be seen online which can expose quality and possible creativity of this camera to you. Video enthusiasts will also love to have Nikon D750 in their collection due to clear and high speed continuous focus.

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