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Rule Of Thirds Photography

rule of thirds

The “rule of thirds” inherently implies that the subject or any essential elements in your photo should be positioned off-center to create balance in an image. The rule of thirds is not a perfect standard. There are instances when you frame a subject at the centre can have more impact. Depending on what you want to show or what emotion you want to stir within your viewers, you can decide on what looks and feels right for the image you are creating.

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Pinhole Photography

If you desire to work with your inspirations and you’re interested in a more enigmatic image, pinhole photography might be what you want. Pinhole photography can also be a very inexpensive and easy way to obtain a significant negative, useful for non-silver printing. You don’t need to know f stops, worry about whether your battery […]

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Camera Calibration with MATLAB

Several authors are proposing different methods for camera calibration with MATLAB. Hynex Bakstein Hynek Bakstein proposes with Radim Halir this distribution: Hynek distribution Here is Hynek’s diploma thesis, on which is the toolbox based and the toolkit: calibr8-0.9.tar Tomas Svoboda Svoboda provided several projects: Multi-Camera Self-Calibration. Free software package for a complete calibration of multi-camera setups. […]

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Free Image Processing Software

Here is a list of Free Imaging Processing Softwares: ImageJ – An open platform for scientific image analysis. ImageJ is an open source image processing program designed for scientific multidimensional images. ImageJ is highly extensible, with thousands of plugins and scripts for performing a wide variety of tasks, and a large user community.   Gimpshop – Looking […]

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Famous Landscape Photography

How to capture mountains Mountains are the real beauty. People have always been astounded by the beauty of mountains. They fall in love with the mountains at the very first sight. It gives the peace of mind and the real calm. In winter snow carpets the mountains and everywhere is snow. During spring and summer […]

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Music Photography Career

music photography career photo tips

You shoot music because you genuinely love music. If you are thinking about a music photography career, then read this topic. In this article, we talk about tips to shoot bands and concerts. Also, we offer some tips to develop a better music photography career. Always prepare for any given situation. When you get more practice, you will improve your Music Photography Career. Start slow, so you will accurately learn the tips.

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How to Pick the Right DSLR camera?

Prices of DSLR cameras are falling as the manufacturers are coming up with more user friendly editions. However DSLRs will always remain more complicated as compared to compact cameras due to the main difference of manual controls. Therefore, selecting the most appropriate DSLR camera is difficult for new photographers. Moving from a point and shoot […]

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Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras

mirrorless vs point and shoot

Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot (also named as Compact Cameras), which one is better for you? Mirrorless cameras have recently been introduced in the market but they muddy the water between compact cameras and DSLR cameras. Compact cameras no longer mean that you have to sacrifice profoundly on image quality. A few mirrorless cameras also […]

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