Canon EOS Rebel T6i Review

Canon EOS Rebel T6i has packed a lot of wonders in it for a good reason. It is a combination of 24.2 megapixels DIGIC 6 processor and compact body with excellent new lens mount from Canon. This package contains versatile standard zoom lens for videos and still images. Canon EOS Rebel T6i is capable of shooting in wide variety of situations which is helpful for professionals.

Purchasing a DSLR camera is no small deal for any person even professionals. This is the reason that you must look for the perfect one enveloped in the perfect package. Canon EOS Rebel T6i is offered in different packages over Amazon but you must choose the one which suits your need. We will talk about the one offering 32 GB accessory bundle for $999.

Original price of this bundle was $1199.0 but you must not this discount offered specially for Canon EOS Rebel T6i lovers. The camera has built-in Wi-Fi, near field communication and APS-C sensor for high quality images. You will not have to face any problem while shooting in different light situations due to expanded ISO range of Canon EOS Rebel T6i.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i relies on the user’s choice to enable and disable its LCD according to his convenience. Sometimes it is done automatically by camera to save time and battery. Canon EOS Rebel T6i offers high quality features like expensive digital SLRs but with a very affordable price. These features include in-built HDR, high resolution and large CMOS sensor.

The further text will explain some important features, specifications along with disadvantages and advantages of this camera.

Specifications of Canon EOS Rebel T6i

It is not to our surprise that Canon has come up with an economical package to offer a camera with great high-tech features. Exceptional qualities of Canon EOS Rebel T6i are its high-resolution sensor and in built HDR mode. Canon EOS Rebel T6i also have a decent continuous shooting speed and shutter speed.

Specifications of Canon EOS Rebel T6i are almost same as that of T6s. You can read detailed specifications of this magnificent camera in below text.

  • The optical sensor size of 14.9 x 22.3mm.
  • Field of view crop factor: 1.6.
  • A dust reduction cleaning method for the sensor.
  • Digital video format: H.264.
  • HDMI and USB 2.0.
  • Operating temperature range: 32F to 104F.
  • White balance bracketing.
  • Pop up flash and red eye reduction system.
  • Continuous shooting speed of 3 and 5 frames per second.
  • 63 exposure metering zones.
  • Average battery life of 440 shots.
  • 3 inch rotating LCD display with 1,040,000 Dots.
  • Both RAW and JPEG file support.
  • DIGIC 6 processor.
  • TTL contrast and phase detection system.
  • Max shutter speed of 1/ 4000 of a second.
  • Weight: 18.3 oz.
  • Made up of aluminium alloy, fibber glass-reinforced polycarbonate resin.
  • CMOS optical sensor technology.
  • X sync speed is 1/200 of a second.
  • Height 4 inches and width 5.2 inches.
  • Optical sensor resolution of 24.2 mega pixels.
  • Min shutter speed of 30 sec.
  • Average battery life of 440 shots.

Features of Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Canon EOS Rebel T6i has a lot of advantages over other digital SLRs in market but advantages could not have been possible without high tech features of this camera. Strong and easy to handle body will make you take all types of images without any hand shake. High-speed shooting compensates for the absence of image stabilization in this camera.

Strong built along with fine internal features are the main winners of this camera. A number of features make Canon EOS Rebel T6i a successful DSLR camera. These features are mentioned below in detail.

24.2 mega pixels CMOS sensor

APS-C sized CMOS sensor is the second number sensor in terms of size and image quality after full frame sensor offered in the most expensive cameras. This CMOS sensor works with high-speed processor to confirm the quality of your images without compromising speed and focus.

24.2 mega pixels mean that you will be able to get highly detailed images which can later be cropped or blown into very large images.

19 point auto focus system

Autofocus means that you will never have to miss your target on a particular photo or video. Canon EOS Rebel T6i offers continuous focus during video making and quick 19 point auto focus in still images. These 19 points will be enough for family photo shoots or conditions in which your subjects are either far away or great in number.

3 inch articulated LCD

3 inch is the largest size available in any camera for its LCD screen. Canon EOS Rebel T6i has incorporated this screen with high resolutions and full articulation. LCD can be tilted in any direction you want. This will let you focus and compose your images properly even if you have to capture from awkward directions.

Articulated LCD of Canon EOS Rebel T6i is fun and perfect for capturing selfies.

In built Wi-Fi

No one in present camera market can ignore the important of in built Wi-Fi because it has multi-direction benefits. You can save your photos to create space for more and you can share them on internet for sharing or safekeeping.

Pros and cons of Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Advantages and disadvantages are both important to explore while making the important purchase decision. Here, we have explored both sides of this product in order to help you with your decision-making process.

Pros of Canon EOS Rebel T6i

  • High resolution sensor.
  • High speed shutter and continuous shooting.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • HD videos.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.

Cons of Canon EOS Rebel T6i

  • Battery life is compromised.
  • Slow continuous shooting speed.

Why should you purchase Canon EOS Rebel T6i?

Canon EOS Rebel T6i is recommended for enthusiastic photographers who must watch out their budget while purchasing nay camera. High-tech features of Canon EOS Rebel T6i remained un compromised even after its low price.

Marie White

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