Canon EOS Rebel T5i Review

No one can feel enough satisfied than a person who got DSLR with fully articulated LCD. This is the era of selfies which are not possible cannot be captured perfectly without a direct view of screen. Fully articulated LCD of Canon EOS Rebel T5i serves best for this purpose and also for shooting from the top of crowd. You may also want to checkout Best Compact Camera.

This is an upgraded version of 650D in many features like touch screen fully articulated LCD. Its comprehensive design and auto focus performance has improved to provide you with accurate images. Photo enthusiasts rejoice Canon EOS Rebel T5i due to its wide ISO range which allows high quality images even in compromised light situations.

Advanced DIGIC 5 processor along with CMOS sensor makes sure that you get crisp images in all kinds of situations. 18 megapixels optical sensor resolution in Canon EOS Rebel T5i takes full responsibility of honestly reporting detailed images to your camera memory. Nine Auto-focus points and full HD video making of Canon EOS Rebel T5i ensures further success of camera in winning your heart.

Continuous shooting speed of Canon EOS Rebel T5i also works wonders for sports and action photographers. The moment you feel that your subject is moving faster than your speed of focusing and composing any image, continuous shooting mode is here to help you. Turn it on and get 5 detailed and fully focused frames per second.

Specifications of Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Creative filters and advanced processor of Canon EOS Rebel T5i provide guarantee for fully controlled and accurate images. Canon EOS Rebel T5i’s performance is not limited to just capturing high quality images but it provides ease for photographer during composition of those images. Here are some specifications of Canon EOS Rebel T5i to help you with your purchase decision.

  • Optical sensor resolution: 18 mega pixels
  • Optical zoom: 3.1X
  • 9 auto focus points
  • Average battery life of 480 photos per charge
  • Compatible mountings: Canon EF and Canon EF-S
  • Continuous shooting speed of 5 frames per second
  • ISO range: from 100 to 25,600
  • Fully articulated LCD
  • Red eye reduction, auto and manual flash controls
  • Built in flash
  • Optional GPS
  • Mini HDMI
  • Manual focus is included
  • 85X view finder magnification
  • 1080p HD video capturing
  • EOS integrated cleaning system
  • Self timer and RC 6 connector for remote control
  • CMOS photo sensor technology
  • Minimum shutter speed of 30 second and maximum shutter speed of 1/4000s
  • Aperture f/ 5.6 to f/ 32
  • Focal length range: 18mm to 55mm
  • Interchangeable lens

Features of Canon EOS Rebel T5i:

Detailed knowledge about technical products is inevitable before making a purchase. Here are some evident features of Canon EOS Rebel T5i which will help you to device your point of view about this product.

18 mega pixels CMOS sensor

You can now enlarge your images to whatever size you want. 18 mega pixels sensor will give you enough details of a picture to crop a small portion and then enlarge it for taking out prints with exceptional clarity. CMOS sensor maximises the capability of Canon EOS Rebel T5i to gather light in low light situations. APS-C sized sensor is enough to 1.6x effective field of view.

ISO range

DIGIC-5 processor of Canon EOS Rebel T5i has the honour to provide us with exceptional ISO range. 100 to 25600 are enough ISO for capturing images in all kinds of light situations. You can capture perfect images in unthinkable scenarios without even using any flash.

DIGIC-5 processor

Incredibly detailed images are speciality of Canon EOS Rebel T5i due to its DIGIC 5 processor which captures these images without the inclusion of any artificial light source. Higher ISO sensitivity and high continuous shooting speed are also the result of this advanced processor of Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

Full HD movie with servo AF

Canon EOS Rebel T5i did not compromise on the quality of video even after such a low price of $699. Full HD professional videos can be captured with different frame rates. easy manual focus and live view also helps in editing your videos.

Hand held night scene mode

No more dark areas in images with Canon EOS Rebel T5i. New photographers often face this problem with starting level cameras but Canon EOS Rebel T5i provides enlightened dark areas with full detail. You can achieve unbelievable results without even using the tripod in dark areas.

Pros and cons of Canon EOS Rebel T5i

One important point which you have to remember before purchasing any camera is that there is no perfect camera in this world. Photographers also keep more than one cameras and lenses for different shooting situations this means that one camera cannot be a do it all. Here are some natural advantages and disadvantages of Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

Pros of Canon EOS Rebel T5i

  • High quality images captured in JPEG mode
  • Comprehensive touch screen LCD
  • External mike option for video mode
  • Auto focus tracks the subject perfectly even while using the view finder
  • Responsive operations
  • Improved performance with DIGIC 5 processor

Cons of Canon EOS Rebel T5i

  • Hybrid auto focus is competitively slow
  • Movie mode and live view options cannot be configured independently
  • Shorter battery life than other DSLRs of this class

Why should you buy Canon EOS Rebel T5i?

Canon EOS Rebel T5i is a must purchase for you if you are a photo enthusiast who wants perfect images with some manual control. Manual controls over different modes allow you to integrate your own creativity with pictures as well as videos.

It is the best purchase for you if you are addicted to touch smart phones and touch screen means a lot to you. T5i is slightly larger as compared to T5 but its image quality is definitely better due to advanced DIGIC 5 processor which T5 lacks. New photographers must not waste time in missing such an exceptional offer made by Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

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